Puppy Playtime & Puppies Currently Available

Todd, Trinket, Treasure, & Edith(SOLD)

Chubby(SOLD), Bubba, & Hopper

Barbie, Amber & Peach

Johnny & Pugsly

Brie & Baby

Just Arrived!!! Cavapoos & Yorkiepoos!!!!!

Just Arrived!!! Cavapoos!!!!!

Just Arrived!!! A Male English Bulldog – Bubba!!!!!!!!!

Just Arrived !!!!!! 2 Male Havapoos!!!!!!!!!

Just Arrived!!!!! Havapoos!!!!!!

Just Arrived!!!! 2 Male Pugs!!!!!!

Just Arrived!!!!!!!! Shihchons!!!!!!!!

Just Arrived!!!!!!!!! Maltipoos and a Cavapoo!!!!!!

Just Arrived!!!!!!!!! Mini Bernadoodles and Cocker Spaniel!!!!!!

We Are Still Available:

Baby, Lilo, Peggy, Brie

We Are Still Available:

Stella, Jasmine, Peanut Butter

We Are Still Available:

Otis, Sylvie, Button, Sugar

We Are Still Available:

Finneas, Cotton, Johnny, Ralph, Georgio, Pugsly


Sugar, Honey, Cocoa, Snickers

Bernese Mountain Dogs:

Stella, Severide

King Charles Cavaliers:

Otis, Gallo, Sylvie


Brie, Peggy, Pugsly


Button, Jelly Bean, Munchkin

Cocker Spaniels:

Finneas, Lilo, Stitch

Mini Goldendoodles:

Chewy, Ralph, Georgio, Peanutbutter


Memphis, Carolina, Brooklyn, Phoenix

Mini Bernadoodles:

Dean, Shya, Poppy, Zorro, No Name

Mini Poodles & Bichonpoo:

Baby, Johnny, Cotton, Max, Daniel

Havapoos and Jackapoos:

Jasmine, Josie, J.P., Tiny Tim, Star


Greyfus, Elvis, Priscilla

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