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What is the price range for your puppies, this is my first visit to your site and can't find that information! Thank you!
Anita Serda


We do not post the prices of our puppies. Please feel free to call our shop or stop by and play. (717)-832-7297
Ken Marks


I have to say how impressed I was with your establishment. I was so pleased with the service and expert advice I received while in the process of getting our home/other dogs ready for Camille. This is a tip notch pet store and not puppy pushers. You genuinely care about your puppies and want to see them placed in good homes. Camille has made such a smooth transition into our home, with our children, and other dogs. In fact Maxine and she are getting along beautifully. She is whipping Max into shape with all of their laps around the downstairs as they play with Camille's toys. Thank you so much for ALL you do!!
Francy Reigert


Violet - Violet is the best!!!!! She is adorable. It is great because we take her to get her haircut and a checkup right down the street!
Jami Turner


new dog - i was looking for a new dog for my birthday and just wanted money so that i could get this adorable pup:) at little paws they have such cute puppies that i want all of them!!
claire weaver


Cockapoo - I bought my cockapoo 3 years ago from Little Paws. He is wonderful! He never sheds, he is great with my two children, and he is great with our goldendoodle. He has energy when you want him to and he is also perfectly content just sitting with you all day. The choice is yours. We could not ask for a better family dog!
Rebecca Hagemes


Adorable Puppies - Your puppies are so cute, I can't wait to come in and play with them, again!! :-)
Jacob King


Just A 'Have To Say' About This Shop! - Wonderful store. Little Paws Dog Shop is a nice, clean, tidy puppy store. All of the pups there look perfectly heathly and all very friendly. The pups that are for sale all look adorable! I can't wait to go sometime!
Paige Truehart


Hi Everyone - Gracie & Emmit are doing awesome!! Gracie purchased LAST Christmas and Emmit THIS Christmas - I need you to CLOSE next Christmas! Thank u for superb service as always - wondering if you have any pics of Emmit that were posted. I can't get enough of that little face, and I was just going to direct people on Facebook who wanted to see him, to your page to see his pic.

Happy holidays,

Pamela and Family
Pamela Cappetta-Brice


wow - its very cool to see the puppies have a good time , and listen very well! keep up the good work!
madison tiberie


Service - I went in today and everything was great, we were helped a lot and playing with the puppies was wonderful!I learned some inmportant things that will help me with my new puppy!


Woofie (formerly Raj) - Well Woofie (aka Raj) has been with us a week today. What a wonderful, wonderful dog. He is a perfect fit for us (my husband, myself, and two large dogs). He acts like he has been with us for so much longer then just one week. It took me over 3 weeks to decide on him and I appreciate all you patience with me on my numerous visits to your shop. Thanks again. We will love Woofie always.
Gale Robertson


Wow - I am really impressed with your puppies they are so cute!And this shop reallly understands how to sell puppies.


my new puppy - I recently purchased a cockapoo from your shop. He is a beautiful little boy with green eyes. We named him Finegan! He is so delightful, playful and very pleasing. He has been easy to teach and is so willing! Great breed of dog. Your shop is great and our experience in picking our new dog out was wonderful. You and your wife really care about what you are doing. I will bring Finegan (formerly know as Patches) in to see you soon. He is growing like a weed!


my new puppy - i lovve the new puppy that we just got he is soooo cute hhahaahaahahahahhah
claire weaver


Barney (Formerly Parker) - Just wanted to drop a line and say he doing great, he loves being outside running around and checking out all the new things for him to smell. He is over 20 pounds now and is just over 1 year old. He is bigger than all 3 of his older brothers. He loves to play and is very smart. He sleeps with us in the bed with his 3 brothers at night and it gets a little crowded but we wouldnt have it any other way. LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!


Nibs - Hi, We're the family that got Nibs. I just wanted to say what a wonderful boy he is. He was crate trained after the first night and after a week is potty trained. He has learned to climb stairs, walk on a lesh, and get along with other animals, including the cat. He loves to play firisbee, run outside, and eat his treats. Everyone adore him. Thank you for such a lovely pup.


Our visit - My family and I came to visit your shop (sometime in January I believe) on the reccomendation of a friend, who brings her daughter in often to play w/ pups. I immediately was impressed with your facility and the care and philosophy behind your store. I think you guys are wonderful.
Suzette Marulanda


Chiquita!!! - I really enjoyed the game Chiquita played recently.!!!!!!!!!!!


First time shopper - I was in the store today for the first time, and I just want to say how NICE the place was and what awesome staff they have! I just moved from Kansas City and I was looking for a local dog store that I could go to so I can continue to spoil my dogs :) This place to top notch, so stop in and check them out!
Rene Feller


Kira - is doing good. I just love her. She has been such a delight. I just play with her and laugh so much. She is adorable and so smart!!! She is almost trained completely and that is within two weeks! I love watching all the new videos. You have the BEST pet shop. Like the previous poster said....it's great to see that you take such good care of the puppies and they have fun!!! Sooo thankful for your shop and for Kira!!!
Terri Messina


Violet - Just so you know..Violet is awesome. She is having a blast and completely at home with her new family. She loves the snow and has lots of fun playing with my son and daughter. She is definately an alpha female as she shows no remorse for our 100 lb german shephard...who brings his toys to her and lays them at her feet. Ha Ha Ha. Isn't that the way it should be? Thank you so much for having such a wonderful store and such wonderful animals.
Jami Turner


Bouncing Puppies - Thanks for adding the videos to your site. I loved watching the 1/27 video. Some of the puppies look like they are bouncing when they run around the shop.


Wow! - This is awesome!!! I love how you love and care for the puppies and anyone who comes in sees that right away!!! They are not "hidden" ...they are out there for everyone to see and watch when they have playtime. You have such a clean store and everyone is so helpful and friendly. I am so excited to see my little girl playing so happily with all the other pups!!! AWESOME!!! That's all I can say about your shop!!!! AWESOME!!!
Terri Messina
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