Pet Training

We offer a wide array of products to help you train your little one to become the dog you want him to be!

Pet Corrector is a wonderful product to aid in helping train your pet. Just a simple, shake and squirt of the can emits a loud hissing sound of forced air. This distracts the dog from doing the bad behavior, while being safe and humane!

We have toys that will stimulate their minds, like the Kong Wobblers. These products help fast eaters to control their food intake and provide an opportunity to have a special treat! Little Paws also offers puzzles to entertain little ones, and Poochie Bells, which aid in housebreaking. Your little one simply rings the bell with his nose to tell you its time to potty!

If your pup has decided to gnaw on your furniture, we have the solution. Our bitter apple spray will deter them from chewing on anything unacceptable. It is 100% non toxic and discourages fur biting, hair chewing, and hot spots too!

Large Kong Wobbler

In Stock
This large Kong Wobbler is perfect for big dogs! Simply place treats in the canister and watch as yo...

Small Kong Wobbler

In Stock
The small Kong Wobbler is great for puppies and for medium sized dogs. Just pour some treats in and ...

Dog Spin Game

In Stock
We have an assortment of puzzles including this spin game. Place treats in the designated area and y...

Busy Buddy Ball

In Stock
Busy Buddy Balls can be filled with small treats or food to keep your little one entertained! As you...

Busy Buddy Tug a Jug

In Stock
The Tug a Jug offers alot of the same stimulation as the ball, however it also gives your puppy a ro...

Small Pet Corrector

In Stock
This is our pet corrector in a smaller form. This size fits in a holster which you can attach to you...

Busy Buddy Treats

In Stock
These are our Busy Buddy Treats which you can fill either the Buddy Ball or Tug a Jug with!

Pet Corrector Holster

In Stock
The pet corrector holster will hold the small can of spray and can be attached to a belt for easy co...

Bitter Apple Spray

In Stock
Bitter Apple spray is a wonderful deterrant for those dogs who prefer to teethe on unacceptable thin...

Large Pet Corrector

In Stock
Pet Corrector is a wonderful aid in training your pet. With a simple spray, this product emits a lou...

Poochie Bells

In Stock
Poochie Bells are a wonderful aid in housetraining your pet. Simply hang them from your door and eac...

Bone Puzzle Game

In Stock
Our Bone Puzzle game allows for stimulation and rewards your pet when he picks the right bone that h...

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