We now proudly offer specialty products available in our shop. Products that we have in the story will vary in size color price and availability. If you are looking for something in particular, please call us at 717-832-7297, or let us know at the shop what you are looking for. We then may be able to order in the product for you. When the product arrives at out shop, we would then give you a call to come pick it up.

*Due to the nature of most of our products and how they are intended to be used, we are able to accept returns/exchanges on select items. You would need to bring the tag that was on the product and your receipt for the return or exchange. In making sure that you get the correct size for your dog, you may bring them in to try them on. As well as we have our playroom to take them into to freely have them walk around so you can see how the product looks before purchasing.*

Pet Beds

Basic Beds S, M, L, Ex-L Variety of colors to choose from

Fancy Beds S, M Variety of colors to choose from

Fancy Beds S, M Variety of colors to choose from

Fancy Beds M, L Variety of colors to choose from

Bone in small & Basic Beds in small medium large & x-large

Eyewear And Pet Training Gear


S, M, L, Ex-L with a Variety of colors

Sun Glasses

S, M, L, Ex-L with a Variety of colors

Pads, Treat Pouches, Pet Correctors w/Cases, Treat Dispensers

Potty Bells

Bully Sticks

6 or 12 inch

Center Bones

2, 4, or 7 inch

Hooves & Pig Ears

Small or Large

Rhinestone Bling

Small Letters & charms

Medium Letters & Charms

Large Letters & charms

Bling Leashes

Harness, Collars, Clips Bracelets, Keychains,


lupine smaller

Lupine bigger

Slip & Retractable

Camo and Random


lupine smaller

Lupine bigger

Alcott & Camo




lupine smaller


Doggie Design



Bling, Easy Walk, Harnes & Leash Combo

Buddy Belts

Clean Up Supplies

8 rolls

dispencer with 3 rolls

other bag dispensers with rolls

Three Rolls

Single Rolls

Groom Supplies

Brushes Combs

Brushes Combs

Ear Cleaner, Tear Stain, Flea & Tick Spray, Hot Spot Sprays

Shampoos & Conditioners

Teeth, Mouth & Breath

Groom Wipes

Aromatherapy Sprays: Cactus, Juniper, Argan, Lavender, Chamomile

Year Round Colognes

Holiday Colognes

Neck Ties, Bows ,

S, M, L, Ex-L

Variety of colors to choose from

Bows Ties

neck bows

Hair Bows

Hand Made Hair Bows



spring & easter


Fall & thanksgiving


saint pactrick’s






Basic Bowls Small Medium & Large

Basic Bowls Small Medium & Large

Ceramic Bowls Small Medium & Large

Travel Bowls Medium & Large

Travel Bowls Small

Slow Feeder Small Medium Large

Dog Food: Bagged Nutri Source, Caned food Blue Buffalo

Small & Medium Dog Food For Puppies & Adults (5-15 lb. Bags Available)

Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food for Puppies & Adults

Can Lids

Food Scoops & Measuring Cups

Containers For : Food, Treats, Water ,Greeting Cards

Crates: Different Sizes &Colors, Starter Kits, Books, Games, & Car Decals

Crates & Colors

Starter Kit: Crate, Bed, Food, Leash, Harness, Toy, Bowl, Treats, Sample Treat Bag, Bully Stick

Breed Specified, Training, & All Breeds Books


Car Decals: Toddlers & Dogs

Car Decals: Teens and Parents

Tag Silencers, Tag Changers, Night Lights, Tick Keys, Water Bottle Adapter

Cat Supplies, Bells, Blankets, Gravity Feeders

Cat Toys

Bells for cats or dogs


Gravity Feeders

Bark Control Cotronella Spray & TAGG Pet Tracker Collar

Little Paws Cups, Chip Clips, Keychains, & Flashlight Keychains

Coat & Sore Care, Biter Spray For Chewing, Multivitamin Supplement for Small Puppies

Reddingo tags, Microchips, Dog licenses

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