We value our employees and the relationships they build with our customers (and our dogs)!  If you are interested in joining our team, click here and contact us today!

Bethany - Co Owner-  I was born and raised in Palmyra PA and graduated from Palmyra High School. I became interested in martial arts and while still in high school, earned a black belt in Moo Duk Kwan. I enjoy working with graphics on computers, knitting and working with clay. I have a love for animals and currently have 2 Pomeranians at home. I love to take care of relatives pets and working with all of the puppies at Little Paws. I also enjoy meeting the many different customers who come into our shop!

Tim - Co Owner

Kelsey- Groomer :I currently live in Palmyra but grew up in Lebanon. I have a degree in Criminal Justice. After visiting Little Paw many times to play, I ended up working here! I have 2 dogs, Pickles, a Pomeranian, and Lily, a Yorkie. I also own 2 rats! I absolutely love musicals and love talking to everyone who comes into the shop!

Bethany: Groomer

Brooke: Grooming Assistant




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