Nail Painting

We currently are only offering bath and nail appointments. once we have an experienced groomer hired, we will add full grooms back in.

Bath & Blow Outs

After Groom

We have highly skilled and professionally certified pet stylists, who will work with you and your dog to provide the perfect cut.  Our grooming services are available for any size dog, and include the following:

  • We do not use tranquilizers on your dog. Just lots of patience and TLC (Tender Loving Care!).
  • We do not use cage dryers. We hand dry every dog that comes into our salon.
  • We will use hypoallergenic or oatmeal shampoo for your dogs sensitive skin. We also offer furminating and deshedding treatments, which decrease shedding 75-85%.
  • A full groom includes: Ear Plucking, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Sanitary Trim, Bath, Dry, Brush, and Cut to your liking.
  • We will brush your pups teeth for an extra cost ($5 and up).

After Groom

When scheduling your dogs grooming appointment please let us know if there is any matting so that we may schedule extra time for your dogs groom. Also, when you bring your dog for his/her first grooming please bring a copy of their current shot records. All dogs must have distemper and rabies up to date to be groomed. If you are  late for your appointment you may need to reschedule for another day.  We actively offer our dog grooming services to the surrounding area, including but not limited to Palmyra, Lebanon, Hershey, York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster.

To read more about rabies & distemper please click on the following links:

Grooming hours are as follows:
  • Hours are subject to change! Please call for assistance! 717-832-7297
  • Appointments are based on an hour long basis, larger dogs may require more time. 

**When dropping off your dog for a morning groom (8am-11am) please use the front door and be sure to ring the doorbell.
**Please be sure to check your pets collar to be sure it is secure before leaving our shop.

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