Bling Collars

Little Paws is proud to offer bling collars for your little loves. These collars are available in multiple sizes and colors. Some even feature a braided fabric collar with no designated hole for neck size. You can simply attach the hook to wear it fits best on your dogs neck. Other collars have a grommet style latch. Why not add some sparkle to their lives too??

For sizing, all collars are measured from tip of webbing to tip of webbing. You will receive a customer care booklet on maintaing these collars and keeping them clean.

*For special orders only, please allow an additional 2 to 3 weeks for shipping*

Rhinestone Triple Row

In Stock
This beautiful bling collar features 3 rows of beautiful crystals and is 5/8 inches wide. Just ...

Rhinestone Triple Row Leash

In Stock
This 4 inch leash accompanies our beautiful triple row crystal collars! They are available in pink a...

Rhinestone Double Row Rhinestone

In Stock
This 3/8 inch width collar is also available in black, red, or pink webbing and features 2...

Rhinestone Double Row Leash

In Stock
These 4 foot leashes accompany our double rhinestone collars. They are also 3/8 inches wid...

Rhinestone Barrette

In Stock
This gorgeous barrette is a great accessory to our pink and white collars and leash!

Baguette Bezel Collar

In Stock
These baguette bezel collars are 3/8 inch wide and come in black braided style only. They ...
No Image

Baguette Bezel Leash

In Stock
This baguette bezel leash goes with our bezel collars! Available in black only.

Bezel Collars and Leash

In Stock
These bezel collars look gorgeous and add even more bling to any puppies wardrobe. Our black collars...

Ribbon Rose Collars

In Stock
These beautiful collars feature an assortment of ribbons created into roses! Just beautiful for your...

Round Jewel Collars

In Stock
These collars are available in 3/8" or 5/8" wide. They feature a large faceted jewel bead ...

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