Bully Sticks

These odor less, braided bully sticks are made from the muscles and tendons of grass fed cattle and are more easily digestable than rawhide chews. Instead of chipping, and potentially causing a choking hazard, these bones shred and provide a long lasting treat for your best friend! They also clean your dogs teeth while stimulating their chewing instinct. These bones are wonderful for puppies and adult dogs. They come in a variety of sizes and even come in pretzel form!

Our braided bully sticks are perfect for puppies and smaller dogs as they will eventually seperate to form 3 smaller bones. The straight bully stick may be preferred by medium to larger dogs who are accustomed to regularly chewing bones.

Bully sticks are proudly made in the USA!
*Please watch your dog carefully as sticks become chewed and remove bone when it becomes small enough to be swallowed whole.* 

6 Inch Braided Bully

In Stock
This is our 6 inch braided bully. These are perfect for puppies and smaller dogs!

12 Inch Braided Bully

In Stock
This is the 12 inch braided bully stick. These bully sticks last a bit longer than the 6 inch and ar...

6 Inch Straight Bully

In Stock
This is the 6 inch bully in straight form.

9 Inch Straight Bully

In Stock
Our bullies also come in 9 inch form.

12 Inch Straight Bully

In Stock
This is our 12 inch straight bully stick!

Pretzel Bully

In Stock
Our bully sticks also come in pretzel form!

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